Saturday, July 19, 2008


I'm just too old for this shit.

Tonight I took my wife along to QPAC Cascade Court to see Tex Perkins. Supports were Fi Claus and Mike Noga & The Gentlemen of Distinction. Unfortunately a lot of other people had the same idea. They must have been there since the afternoon. Even I don't think Tex is that good. It's the free entry effect. A bit like the competition winner effect that struck the Grates surprise party on the Island. Lots of people who wouldn't be there if they had to pay which somehow lowers the fun levels. I mean I would pay to see him but I just know most of the people there wouldn't, you can just tell. And so much grey hair. If I want to hang out with old people I'll go to church.

I'm not looking for comfort, just to see and hear the show. So anyway we ended up sitting at the top of the cascade above and behind the stage and got to not see Fi Clause at all but to hear Fi Clause twice, about half a second apart courtesy of the glass wall of the concert hall 50m in front of the stage. After Fi had finished I told her my wife that 'no, her set had only taken 35min at most, not an hour' as she thought. She described the evening thus far as akin to a school concert in which none of your own kids were appearing. So we came home.

New Rule for free concerts; leave the wife at home and go real early or real late.


Andrew McMillen said...

Damn. I saw Young & Restless play at one of those free shows in April. I had a good time, though they definitely attracted a younger crowd than Tex would. I wasn't aware that Mike Noga was supporting - he was good with Gareth and The Gin Club at the Globe.

Anonymous said...

I went off and got some dinner then came back to see the second half of Tex. By that time the crowd had thinned out a little and the remainders were hideously drunk. I was accosted by several older gents telling me what they wish they'd done at my age. One guy kept yelling out "Psychomama". It would have been good if they'd advertised that there were to be 2 supports. Shame I saw Claus and missed Noga. Tex was alright but not all that spirited until the encore.