Sunday, February 21, 2010

Housekeeping & A Plea For Help

David, who seems to have tried to download everything I have, has pointed out a few invalid links, and unavailable files in this blog and in There Is Always A Past. So I have fixed the following links in their original posts and here they are

In Primavera 2009 this Sleepy Sun set used to point to the Carsick Cars set.

In My Trip To Spain Part One - Not Primavera 2009 this Baju Banton set used to point to the Chesterfield Kings set and this Kylie Minogue set used to point to the Ivan Julian set. This may explain why absolutely no one has so far downloaded either .

Over at There Is Always A Past the following links have been corrected

Joan As Policewoman - Live @ The Globe - 11 Oct 2008
The Sips - Live @ The Step Inn - 10 Nov 2007
Wolfmother - Live @ GOMA Warhol Up Late - 12 April 2008 The Wolfmother set is a zip file and it contains the songs split in mp3 format.

And now a big ask. The link to The Grates - Live @ The Troubadour - 24 June 2008 is dead. The file has disappeared from megaupload [this is not unusual] and worse I can't find it or the original file on my archives [this is very unusual]. If anyone has downloaded it and still has a copy I would appreciate it if you could let me know. I would like to complete the collection again. Have no idea how this happened. You can emeil me on exkingjohn at gmail dot com

New stuff coming later today.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank You Everyone

The blog has been around for 18 months or so now and I have been recording for three but I've only had decent stats on how many downloads there have been since I started using Mediafire in Jan 2009. Today I have just cracked 10,000 downloads since I opened the account. All the files on megaupload are still getting regular activity as well but the stats they give are crap but I guess the total between the two is about 15,000.

I dunno if 10,000 is big or small to tell you the truth but it sounds good. And in case you are wondering I made a grand total of $ ZERO from it since I started. Believe me there are people who think I do this for money. No, this is fun.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hanger 10.1

The Hanger was packed for a long night. I watched the first two bands.

Jackalpac, a young five piece pop/art rock group with lots of potential. I have taken out the embarrassing bits to protect their reputation.

And Ghost Notes, formed after Mass Migration broke up. I really enjoyed Mass Migration and Ghost Notes continue in a similar vein of ambient post rock.

Jackalpac - Live @ The Hanger - 06 Feb 2010

Ghost Notes - Live @ The Hanger - 06 Feb 2010

Scul Hazzard Returns

to Brisbane after 2 years in London showing the locals how to make noise. And boy did they get even better while they were away. Steven Smiths guitar work seems much more focused and the sound is cleaner and more powerful for it.

Great support sets from Quiet Steps, Kitchens Floor, and Turnpike. Kitchens Floor I have seen a couple of times now and each time I am initially terrified they are going to collapse in a heap in front of me but each time they warm up to it and if they eventually do in fact collapse in a heap it's been worth the ride. Does that make sense? This is why I am an accountant, not a writer.

Quiet Steps - Live @ The Step Inn - 05 Feb 2010

Kitchens Floor - Live @ The Step Inn - 05 Feb 2010

Turnpike - Live @ The Step Inn - 05 Feb 2010

Scul Hazzards - Live @ The Step Inn - 05 Feb 2010