Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Primavera 2011 Poble Espanyol Shows

May 25
The venue didn't work for me really. The first day it was crowded and under resourced. Out of the crowd the sound was average. Saw the last minute of Nissenmondai who I was looking forward to. A little disappointed with Las Robertas. They were fine but reminded me of a few Australian bands like Southern Comfort but weren't that much better. Comet Gain saved the day on Wednesday.

Ended up spending so much time in the line for the toilets that I couldn't get near the stage for Echo & The Bunnymen and went home after a few songs.

Comet Gain - Live @ Poble Espanyol - 25 May 2011

Las Robertas - Live @ Poble Espanyol - 25 May 2011

May 29
Mercury Rev "Deserter Songs" is a 'cosmic americana' opus. Right?

The support bands were an odd bunch which seemed to have been assembled from a random list of bands who were available on the day.

There was a fine Spanish folk rock band [Me and The Bees] who with time will be very good especially when they learn how to structure a set rather than play Slow/Fast/Slow/Fast etc, a US indie punk band who were seriously dire [My Teenage Stride] and veteran Scottish pop rockers with a singer who for medical reasons travels with pockets full of fruit and whose stage banter reflects this way too much [BMX Bandits] You work it out.

BMX Bandits - Live @ Poble Espanyol - 29 May 2011

Where I ended up as Mercury Rev started playing the sound was average to poor and for all the world it was like six guys playing roughly the same songs but each was trying to play louder than the others. Another early night.

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Anonymous said...

it's amazing the difference in opinion on My Teenage Stride for that show. A lot of people I talked to said they were the best surprise of the entire festival because they were really raw and had great songs as opposed to the multitude of slick major indie bands playing the festival, and then some thought they were the worst thing of the entire festival. I wasn't there but I see them in New York a lot and they're always terrific there. I also have a lot of their albums/mp3s and they do indeed have tons of great songs. Maybe they were off that night, I dunno. It's just weird that they were so polarizing. Seems like they were on the wrong bill regardless. No, I'm not a member, just a long time fan.