Sunday, September 18, 2011

Words Fail Me.

Europe took more to recover from than I thought it would, work when we got back was piled higher than I imagined it could be, family grief and medical problems [not me personally, I'm OK] drained time and energy from life. Problems solved now?  Mostly, but some things aren't solved, just managed.

On top of that in real life I'm an accountant and we don't write about feelings much.  Creativity is something we don't actually display to the public.  I wrestle with words to accompany most of the posts I make [if that isn't painfully obvious to you]

I just hope no one thought I might have stopped listening to live music. So to get over this problem from now on expect posts with few words, posts being edited later to include words I think of later but most interesting to you dear reader, more regular posts sooner after the fact.  Like the Custard post that started this whole thing off.

Thank you for your patience. Music is the best.


chuck said...

welcome back!!
thanx for the posts!!

bugger- that wasnt hard - think it only took a few seconds to type this :)

Murdoch said...

"I'm an accountant."
"Creativity is something we don't actually display to the public."

Was your humourous implication that you do some creative accounting behind the scenes intentional? ;)

NauseaRockPig said...

hope all ends well mate.