Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Grates at The Hi-Fi

Quite liked Big Scary. Less so Guinea Fowl. The Grates are now a rock band and I love it. Beefier. The sound is different but still the Grates. Patience's voice takes a couple of songs to get on track but it gets there. The new material flows well in the set. Welcome back.

Big Scary - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 01 July 2011

Guinea Fowl - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 01 July 2011

The Grates - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 01 July 2011


BNELive said...

Massive thanks for this! Glad someone else taped it. I was able to matrix our two recordings.

Planning on seeing them at the tivoli?

ex_king_john said...

Won't be at the Tivloi. I may be the only person in Brisbane with a serious clash that night between The Grates and The Drones. And The Drones haven't been round these parts for a while.