Saturday, March 24, 2012

First Post

Actually First Recording. You may have missed it if you never visited LastFM or There Is Always A Past but this is the first ever recording I made the day after I got my mics and pre-amp from the USA plugged them into the $99 MD Recorder wandered around the house asking people to shout at me. Off I go to the last ever [so far] ZZZ Market Day and into a shed where a local all girl reggae/ska band Bertha Control was playing. Picked some random settings that made the levels not peak out and pressed record [twice]. Got this

Bertha Control - Single Track - Market Day-2006-10-21 My First Recording

Outside, earphones in and yeah it sounds OK. I don't think I changed the settings for 2 years.

A great way to start recording local bands and on the day I got some of the cream of Brisbane's bands at the time.

i heart hiroshima - Live @ Market Day 21 Oct 2006

Iron On - Live @ Market Day 21 Oct 2006

Jump2Lightspeed - Live @ Market Day 21 Oct 2006

Sekiden - Live @ Market Day 21 Oct 2006

The rest as they say is history repeating itself.

Jasuz how did I miss Giants Of Science - Live @ Market Day 21 Oct 2006

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AF said...

Sekiden, Iron On and IHH were my favourite Brisbane 3 bands at the time (and the only bands I remember seeing that day), so this is great. Thanks.