Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blank Realm LP Launch at The Primitive

This was a great night. A really solid lineup. Big hot and sweaty. The rest of the crowd were worse.

Blank Realm - Live @ The Primitive - 12 Jan 2013

per purpose - Live @ The Primitive - 12 Jan 2013

Cured Pink - Live @ The Primitive - 12 Jan 2013

Martyr Privates - Live @ The Primitive - 12 Jan 2013

I also heard a few songs from Screaming Match and they are someone to look out for. I'd also like to thank Blank Realm for having tshirts in XL that are actually XL. I really like the ones I can wear and not have to give to my son.


Anonymous said...

Thought u'd given up this game!!
thankfully not :)
I heard an interview on ZzZ with the Blank Realm ppl on this night and it sounded like a shit load of fun.. thanks for capturing it !

Darragh said...

4ZZZ got a recording of screaming match. It's pretty good.

ex_king_john said...

Chuck, I'm still doing it but am really behind in posting. I feel it getting better though.

Darragh, screaming match were pretty good. Look forward to it on ZZZ