Thursday, October 22, 2015

Happy Birthday to Market Day and the idea of Turn It Up

Though today isn't the blogs actual birthday it is the 9th anniversary of the last 4ZZZ Market Day where I used in battle for the first time my brand new mini-disc recorder with Sound Professional in-ear binaural mics fed through a Sound Professional Microphone Pre Amplifier that had arrived in the mail the day before.

My practice was turning up the stereo really loud and singing along really loud. This particular tape has disappeared; possibly a good thing.

What hasn't disappeared is the recordings of a single song from Bertha Control, and full sets from Sekiden, Giants of Science, i heart hiroshima, jump2lightspeed, and Iron On. Grab them all put your headphones on and Turn It Up!

First Day

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BNELive said...

Any chance you can get to The Grates at Bulimba Festival on Sunday at 5pm?
Don't think I'll be able to get there with my gear :/