Monday, August 11, 2008

Lyrics Born at The Step Inn

Packed house. Hot. Very sweaty. Bounced till my teeth came loose. More importantly, till my battery lead came loose [which is why I only got 1hr of the 1h30m set sorry]

I had a great time. His band was tight. His lyrics hardly mentioned how good his flow was or how hard it was for him trying to establish his reputation in a city so down on hip hop culture like the preceding local crew seemed to do endlessly. I suppose it helped coming from the Bay Area but it is a bit tiresome hearing that complaint from every local hip hop band. But he just celebrated life.

Lyrics Born - Live @ The Step Inn - 10 Aug 2008 [85.56MB]

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Anonymous said...

no love for Kryptamistik and no mention of Grassroots Street Orchestra?


just a little fyi Krypta are some of the dopest MCs this country has to offer. Their cd A Peasant Uprising and their upcoming album are as good as it gets.

As for Grassroots they're coming through in a huge way.

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