Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Splendour Part 1

Mostly Saturday Bands.

Lightspeed Champion
lightspeed champion
Lot of fun. All the good bits of British Pop Rock without sounding like everyone else.

Lightspeed Champion - Live @ Splendour In The Grass - 02 Aug 2008 [66.3 MB]

Brown Birds Of Windy Hill
Pleasant way to start the festival but too Eagles-ish for me.

The Brown Birds of Windy Hill - Live @ Splendour In The Grass - 02 Aug 2008 [62.17 MB]

Having [over]heard nothing except their hit Vitriol I was happily surprised with the performance.

Bluejuice - Live @ Splendour In The Grass - 02 Aug 2008 [75.44 MB]

Band Of Horses
a band of horse
I like this stuff and Band Of Horses are certainly good at what they do. The Drones are their favourite band so that's got to count as well. Mike Noga and Dan Luscombe join them on stage to hit things and drink beer.

Band Of Horses - Live @ Splendour In The Grass - 02 Aug 2008 [85 MB]

The Drones
My set of the weekend. As far as I can tell The Drones are the best rock band in the world at the moment. Really looking forward to the next album. And to think my plan was to see some of this set then take off to the main stage to see The Fratellis [who were fine apparently].

The Drones - Live @ Splendour In The Grass - 02 Aug 2008 [84.89 MB]

Sigur Ros
sigur ros blog
Simply amazing. Should be horribly pretentious but it works so well. If what they did was rock it would be a close tie with the Drones :)

Sigur Ros - Live @ Splendour In The Grass - 03 Aug 2008 [94.49 MB]


Ed Bus said...

Looking forward to hearing the Drones set. At the time it felt like being shot. My friend who hadn't heard them before asked me at the end, "So are they the best guitar band in the world or what?"

Anonymous said...

Im DYING to hear the Laura Marling set again.... hope you have it!!! I'll keep a look out!!!

kinopus said...

awesom sigur ros bootleg, very good quality. im bummed they didnt come to NZ

Heapsawill said...


I work for a company called Heapsaflash out of Brisbane and we represent Bluejuice. Perchance you were keen; I’d like to offer you occasional advance material from the boys for you to consider writing up on your blog. If you’re interested just drop me a line:)



eric said...

thanks so much for this drones recording. yes, they definitely are the best guitar band in the world. can't wait to see them again in france.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Any chance we could get a copy of this bootleg (The Drones)? Didn't have any luck with the link here.

just wouldn't mind a having a copy for the archives.

Email back to



The Drones

Adrian said...

I was listening to this Drones set yesterday and enjoyed it immensly. Awesome recordeing of that one!