Saturday, November 29, 2008

Clockcleaner On Fire at Rosies

Sorry but it had to be said.

Thursday night was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

It started out OK with sets by local bands Z Rays and Slug Guts. Seen Z Rays before and had the same problem again; vocals. The first time i saw them I couldn't see the stage very well and it was about halfway through their set before I realized they weren't an instrumental band. They really should talk to the sound guy.

Missed the first song or two from Slug Guts but their sound was more balanced. I enjoyed their set though the second last song did go on a bit. Will see them again.

Snake Run was 10 minutes of straight up punk. Loud fast and incomprehensible. They are good at it. I just aren't really interested in it. There was a recording glitch at about 7 min and I lost about 20 secs of their set. There is a quick fade in/out so the jump isn't too disconcerting.

For me, Clockcleaner were disappointing. The high pitched guitar sound was promising during the warm up but once the songs started it all turned into a mush especially with the amount of reverb in the vocals. Apart from that I thought the songs just weren't that good.

Mind you most of the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves. Especially the hard core fans down the front. So much so that during a cover of Divine Hammer [it's not easy to turn that song into a dirge but they were trying real hard] one of them decided that the only way to show his appreciation was to light a fire at Sharkeys feet using the toilet paper another guy had liberated earlier.

Much hilarity ensued until someone thought to use the powder fire extinguisher firstly with a quick shot at the fire, then emptying the rest into the air. Minutes later we [everyone in the building] are on the sidewalk watching the fire brigade enter the not quite towering inferno. I learnt two things; that powder tastes like shit, and people who light fires for fun are beneath contempt whether they have a 'problem' or not.

The Z Rays - Live @ Rosies - 27 Nov 2008 49.24 MB
Slug Guts - Live @ Rosies - 27 Nov 2008 30.98 MB
Snake Run - Live @ Rosies - 27 Nov 2008 14.78 MB
Clockcleaner - Live @ Rosies - 27 Nov 2008 52.82 MB

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