Monday, November 17, 2008

Mass Migration EP Launch

at the Hanger was a great night featuring post rock band Nikko, singer/songwrier Tom Cooney [with chorus] and Mass Migration. I was surprised that the inclusion of Tom Cooney in the lineup worked so well. I'm not a big fan of singer/songwriters but I admit I did enjoy his set.

As a bonus I include part of a set by Edward Guglielmino from the Hanger a couple of weeks ago. Another singer/songwriter though he had help on the night on keyboard and guitar. I only have part of the set because the Hanger can get really hot sometimes and I was feeling it that night and had to step out for air after about 20 minutes.

Mass Migration was great as is the EP.

Mass Migration - Live @ The Hanger - 15 Nov 2008 54.66 MB
Nikko - Live @ The Hanger - 15 Nov 2008 56.03 MB
Tom Cooney - Live @ The Hanger - 15 Nov 2008 - Broadcast 49.05 MB
Edward Guglielmino - Live @ The Hanger - 01 Nov 2008 39.12 MB

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