Monday, July 26, 2010

Can I Get More Rock In My Foldback

Actually, No, I don't think you can.

With this Brisbane set Violent Soho finished their short Australian tour before taking off back to the US for Lolopalooza and a few other shows. They could not have gotten any tighter than when they left for the US last year but the experience of months solid touring combined with a backline** provided by Tym's Guitars gave them a whole new dynamic. They were frighteningly good. So I have it here for you now. The supports I got [part of the Butcher Birds and Scul Hazzards] will go up later.

So grab it, headphones on, turn it up and go.

Violent Soho - Live @ The Zoo - 24 July 2010

If this link does not work please let me know

**As Tym said
"My good friends were playing a sold out show upstairs from my shop in Ann st, Fortitude valley in Saturday night so we decided the only way to go was to set up a full backline of Tym speaker cabs.
We had 7 guitar 2x12's, 2 bass 4x10's, the 6x10 and the full Lemon 120W with matching 4x12 cab on stage with a silverface Bassman 100, a Mesa Boogie Mk III, a Marshall JCM800, a Marshall JCM 900 and an Ampeg SVT1000 .......... ALL RUNNING.
The sound was incredible , really. "

And it was.

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Tony Jackyl said...

The stage sound blew my mind. So stoked you taped this, Brendan!