Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Omg It Was Heavy

Sunday night and I should be in bed getting ready for work. But hell, really loud heavy noise is on offer. Except for Lichens who has to be heard to be believed. Om were not as Psych as I thought they would be and were almost trancelike in places. Really good show from all of the acts

No Anchor - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 18 Jul 2010

Blarke Bayer w Black Widow - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 18 Jul 2010

Lichens - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 18 Jul 2010

Om - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 18 Jul 2010

Then on Monday night after 4 nights in a row I fell over before Lichens began but did get Andrews, MacManus, & Stern and a very distorted 'look ma, no instruments' set from Die On Planes.

Die On Planes - Live @ The Step Inn - 19 Jul 2010

Andrews, MacManus & Stern - Live @ The Step Inn - 19 Jul 2010

What a weekend.


Labyrinth City said...

i wanted to throat-punch the guy who yelled out 'play dopesmoker!' at OM. lichens: "what's a dopesmoker?!" aaaand those who didn't know the end of 'At Giza' and clapped during the quiet parts...

but otherwise a good night. thanks for recording it

Anonymous said...

thanks so much! was a great gig and i missed no anchor. will be at burst city on friday night - you gonna record it? if so, i'm finding you to buy you a beer.



Anonymous said...

Labyrinth City..Dopesmoker (aka Jerusalem) is the seminal 50 minute long single track riff fest released by Sleep many many years ago, it is amazing and Al the bass player in Om was the bassplayer in Sleep, hence the request by said buffoon. I agree with you though, I cringed big-time when I heard that being shouted and imagined how freaking completely bored of it Om must be by now.....and the f'wits who clapped during the quiet parts need to do their homework too, more buffoonery!!
Great recordings, great night, I actually had a lump in my throat and some tears rolling down my face during Lichens set, I don't think i've ever heard anything live so moving or beautiful!!!
Thanks again to Rob MacManus (Heathen Skulls) for bringing awesome interesting overseas artists and tours to Australia, yer a legend mate!

Labyrinth City said...

hey niall, thanks for the information but if you'd look at my comment I quoted Lichens/Rob there . he said it under his breath though.

FYI: the ~50min record was 'Jerusalem', the cut up & down version of the original song 'Dopesmoker'. the later released edition by Tee Pee - 'Dopesmoker' - is the full recording which lasts about ~65 mins. Dopesmoker is rougher and kind-of sounds like a collage with Matt's solos breaking up the parts (Chris' arms would have fallen off). you can hear Al's voice drop out toward the middle section when he sings "Judgment come soon to mankind" (sounds like a lead was kicked out haha) and even after listening to it what has to be several hundred times over the years I still get chills when the 40-min break comes in - the heaviest section of music you'll ever hear - "the molten fire flowed up toward zion!"

Anonymous said...


I don't think I can express enough thanks for recording this Lichens set. It is /amazing/ and I'm grateful to be able to listen to it again.

Anonymous said...

thanks Labyrinth, I'm well aware of the history and different versions of Jerusalem/dopesmoker dude. I got an advance cassette tape from Will Palmer (Rise Above records) in the mid 90s of the London records Jerusalem version (which Lee Dorrian, Rise Above head honcho later bought and released, have that version too)I have the self released cd version as well which Arik Roper did the artwork for and isnt on any label from many moons ago and also the reissued TeePee version of Dopesmoker on vinyl and cd, haha, such an awesome piece of heavy music, what a trip!
the Om set was awesome but I still prefer their first two albums which have more of Sleep vibe as you well know...I saw Om live in Bristol in 2005 when they played the whole first album and then again at Roadburn in 2007 when the played the entire 2nd amazing!!!...some mates from back home saw the reformed Sleep at ATP and said it was just insane, gutted I missed that!