Saturday, March 20, 2010

Golden Plains 2010

i was hoping it hailed sunday night. my hire car wasn't covered for hail so we left after dirty projectors. missed calexico and cruel sea. the rest for me was like this

royal headache
- not too bad would look for again.
lou barlow solo set at inspiration point. - pretty damn good but windy and why the fuck do people come all the way over from the main stage to stand down the back and talk. the recording is full of crowd noise and wind oh so much wind noise. if i can clean it up i'll post it at a later date.
monotonix - jesus my arms are still aching. was near front to start with. band started on platforms on crowd side of barrier a la lightning bolt. after 1st song band decided to move drum kit off platform into crowd and i find myself standing in front of him holding back the red sea. mics did not pop out of ears so set is basically me going ah fuck what the fuck jesus fuck fuck off etc while singer, guitarist, and eventually drummer surf above our heads. plug finally pulled before someone gets killed. was extreme fun. never want to do that again. i have no idea what they sound like.
the big pink - pretty good but anticlimactic after monotonix
antibalas afrobreat orchestra - upbeat afrobeat but strangely dis-engaged/un-engaging. known anti taping so i can't post sorry. someone else might though.
pavement - rough round the edges but magic soon enough
dinosaur jr. not as loud as i expected but clear as hell. really really good.
super wild horses. sound a little unbalanced but they get into it. crowd enjoys it for a wake up set
jack ladder - was back at camp packing tent in short dry sunny period. campers next door ask what the fuck is that noise. probably a bad time for their style.
jeffrey lewis & the junkyard - good fun
wooden shjips - fucking brilliant. crowd favourites. got the shoes up big time.
space invadas - pretty average UK soul band.
nashville pussy - absolute fun.
dirty projectors - really disappointing. 6 charlies in search of a tune. some enjoyed them but most people were very 'mehh'

did not tape space invadas, dirty projectors, jack ladder
The Big Pink - Live @ Golden Plains - 06 Mar 2010

Super Wild Horses - Live @ Golden Plains - 07 Mar 2010

Royal Headache - Live @ Golden Plains - 06 Mar 2010

Pavement - Live @ Golden Plains - 06 Mar 2010

Nashville Pussy - Live @ Golden Plains - 07 Mar 2010

Monotonix - Live @ Golden Plains - 06 Mar 2010

Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard - Live @ Golden Plains - 07 Mar 2010

Dinosaur Jr - Live @ Golden Plains - 06 Mar 2010

Wooden Shjips - Live @ Golden Plains - 07 Mar 2010

So much rain. Does it ever not rain at meredith?


Anonymous said...

Oh man. Thanks heaps for these :)

SeanceMascara said...

I think I love you.

Anonymous said...

wow. This is fucking great. I didn't know you went down to this.