Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hanger 10.4

This was probably the best Hanger show for the last couple of years. Every band was in top form. The audience was into each band and was cool. It was cool [in the temperature sense and that means a lot].

Probably the best Loomer set I've seen. They get better all the time.

Loomer - Live @ The Hanger - 13 Feb 2010

Caught Ships set a wicked groove and Ben wanders through the crowd. That's me he says "haven't seen you for a while etc" to in the middle of the set. At the time I had plugs in and all I could say was 'i can't hear a word you're saying'
Caught Ships - Live @ The Hanger - 13 Feb 2010

Equipment problems don't phase the audience even if they seem to piss the band off but really I am finally starting to get these guys and when they fly they really do go.
Kitchen's Floor - Live @ The Hanger - 13 Feb 2010

What can I say about these guys except they must really be a mind fuck in Hobart. But they cover a Hobart songwriter in a song which include the brilliant couplet "but i'm sleeping on a mattress in your kitchen and sooner or later you're gonna hafta eat" so at least there's two of them I guess.
Paint Your Golden Face - Live @ The Hanger - 13 Feb 2010

This is why The Hanger exists. This is why the Hanger is so great.


Fins To Make Us More Fishlike said...

Hey how's it going? This is Ben from Caught Ship, is there an email address I can send a question to you about this recording?
You are the boss ace king.

ex_king_john said...

use exkingjohn at gmail