Saturday, March 20, 2010


Raekwon has a deep catalogue that he obviously wants to give to the fans but this translates to few songs longer than about 2m30sec with the explosion sound chopping stuff just as you get into the groove. I'm listening to Cuban Linx II as I write this and it is brilliant stuff. And I don't get the same feeling even from the songs that are just as short. Translation to stage is I guess any artists problem.

Have no fear, what I heard was great and Raekwons chat with the crowd is good natured and he seems to be enjoying himself in Australia and on stage tonight. But the short songs are annoying for me. The crowd however went wild so what do I know :)

To be honest on the night I preferred the performances by The Optimen and Lazy Grey. Both DJ's are really interesting with DJ MCE behind Lazy Grey the standout for me. And 30min of the intensity of Lazy Grey [and half of Brothers Stoney] was worth at least half the entry price so I'm ahead really.

The Optimen - Live @ The Step Inn - 19 Mar 2010

Lazy Grey - Live @ The Step Inn - 19 Mar 2010

Raekwon - Live @ The Step Inn - 19 Mar 2010

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Greg said...

Thanks for getting and posting these, much appreciated. Looking forward to hearing some live Lazy & Optimen.