Monday, January 3, 2011

My Last Night at The Hanger

There was a later show but I was out of town for that so this was my last Hanger show. And on reflection it was probably a better one to go to. It seemed like a typical Hanger show.

Started with a band [in this case Oscar & Martin from out of town] that was new to most of the audience who started playing to a few people but attracted a lot more as they played leaving everyone with smiles and a buzz that set up the night. I loved these guys.

Oscar & Martin - Live @ The Hanger - 04 Dec 2010

Next was a group who many knew and enjoy but who visit irregularly. No Art actually did a flying visit so they could do one last show at The Hanger cause they like the venue.

No Art - Live @ The Hanger - 04 Dec 2010

Then finish it off with a local hero like Loomer returning too Brisbane from a CD Launch trip to the South.

Loomer - Live @ The Hanger - 04 Dec 2010

Something old something new etc. A belated thanks to the Hanger crew for the last few years.

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