Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunset Sounds

was very wet the first day. Only got to record Charlie Parr and The National. Did I say only?

Charlie Parr - Live @ Sunset Sounds - 05 Jan 2011

The National - Live @ Sunset Sounds - 05 Jan 2011

Day 2 was not as wet. But there was mud. Lots of mud. really muddy mud. And Junip. So it wasn't all bad.

Boy And Bear - Live @ Sunset Sounds - 06 Jan 2011

Darrah J Family - Live @ Sunset Sounds - 06 Jan 2011

The Morning Benders - Live @ Sunset Sounds - 06 Jan 2011

Junip - Live @ Sunset Sounds - 06 Jan 2011

Though this would have been the worst festival ever for audience chat. Why the hell do people pay good money to stand side on to a band playing at full volume and chat with their mate about who cares what. Singing along I am beginning to accept as part of the festival experience [if only for the generally tuneless bastards singing along] but I swear one day I am going to tell someone the STFU. Noticde I didn't swear once there. I'm getting mellow in my dotage.


shadowfax1007 said...

Feb 11 - Jac Stone and James Grehan at the old museum. Going along?

yob_tva said...

i pity the poor cunt that tries to fuck up my enjoyment of the swans at the hi-fi bar.

Jack said...

I just want to say I love you. Your splendour recordings helped recall some drunken hazy times and the National made my Sunset Sounds and here you have it! I'll keep a look out for you next festival!