Monday, January 3, 2011

No Anchor at The Step Inn

This is out of sequence but I'll put it here before the Merideth post. No Anchor played at the Step Inn supporting John Chantler at a Bon Voyage label party.

Also featured were AMMS, who were Alex Gilles, Lawrence English, and Dan Lewis. Disappointingly I arrived in time to see the last few minutes of of this group who with my luck will never play again.

Supporting them all was xNoBBQx who cannot be described, and should not be listened to. Watching the drummer beat his kit to pieces is interesting though.

John Chantler was fine but the recording does not do him justice so I'll not post it.

Which leaves No Anchor. Did I mention that No Anchor are the best band in Brisbane at the moment.
No Anchor - Live @ The Step Inn - 16 Dec 2010


SeanceMascara said...

Just read this and got excited for your Meredith recordings. Who did you end up taping? I saw you just before The Fall started but other than that I'm not sure. I hope you taped custard as I was a little drunk when they started and was sure I recorded the whole set but listening back it seems like I didn't...
There's a few more bands I hope to see up here but I won't be disappointed if they don't surface. Are you going to Golden Plains?

Anonymous said...

did you record no anchor/earthless the other night? gig was insane!!!

ex_king_john said...

Did not attend the Earthless show.

I am not attending Golden Plains this year either even though it has a stellar lineup this year and is probably the best festival in the world.

Would have liked to do both plus Soundwave but everything costs these days, even food and rent and stuff. But primarily it's because I am saving for Europe in May/June again. Primavera 2011 here I come [at least that is the current plan]

My Meredith stuff later today. Plus I have the sets I missed from a friend who also records and his permission to post. I think between us we got most [except The Field which is a pity] Those will be up tomorrow.