Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i heart hiroshima say goodbye

With Susie Patten re-locating to Berlin for a while this may be the last i heart show. ever. bugger.

Kick off with bigstrongbrute whose music is big and strong but hardly brute.
bigstrongbrute - Live @ The Powerhouse - 24 Jan 2010
Next is Dick Diver [Melb] whose every now and then reminded me of Television for some reason though the connection is clearer in the rising slide progression in Future Self Ver. 2. This is a good thing. Marquee Moon is probably my all time favourite LP. And the non-Television stuff is fun too.
Dick Diver - Live @ The Powerhouse - 24 Jan 2010
i heart hiroshima played two sets. One for each CD. Tuff Teef and The Rip. And an encore. Matt Somers was not well. At times he strained to sing at all. At one point he dropped a song from the set and Susie asked for suggestions. I was louder than the rest so they played Feel It which I first heard in Jamies Carpark in April 2006 [also I think the first time I saw the band] As an aside that was also the first time I saw Scul Hazzards when they were a 5 piece. Scul Hazzard are back from a long visit to Europe [two years?] and playing in early Feb. That, I am looking forward to oh yes.

Anyway two albums of seriously great pop music. The more I listen to The Rip the better it gets. And it's even better live. The vibe at the show was great. It was an all ages show and kids aren't too cool to dance at all. I loved it. I will miss the band.
i heart hiroshima - tuff teef - Live @ The Powerhouse - 24 Jan 2010
i heart hiroshima - The Rip - Live @ The Powerhouse - 24 Jan 2010
i heart hiroshima - Encore - Live @ The Powerhouse - 24 Jan 2010


Stuart McMillen said...

I'm quite sure they'll be back with new songs. I just think they need a good 12 months or so to recharge the batteries after a very busy year. "The Rip" is by far their best collection of songs so far, so I look forward to another album in 2011 or so.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these. I was going to go but just plum forgot. Hope it wasn't their last show.


Can you possibly send me a copy of these recordings on CD please. My email is consume1@ozemail.com.au and postal is PO box 12700 George St Brisbane 4003. I missed this last show due to being tour with Peaches and would love a copy if you can arrange it.

Thanks kindly,

Paul Curtis

ex_king_john said...

I certainly can Paul.

Robert Lukins said...

Awesome stuff. Thanks for posting these bazillion shows. You don't happen to have recordings from that 2006 carpark show do you?

ex_king_john said...

unfortunately that was before I started taping.