Sunday, January 31, 2010

Laneway Brisbane 2010

The lineup this year was not bad. Not great but enough to keep interest. Echo & The Bunnymen pulling out the day before was greeted with alarm by more than a few people who seemed to be buying tickets just to see them. Dirty Three stepping up to replace them was a good thing because at least it saved me the choice of Echo v Black Lips. Having seen Dirty Three just last week and not seen Black Lips before I was going to see Black Lips. Of course all this is of little interest to you dear reader because my mics died sometime between Wild Beasts and Daniel Johnston.

All I have for you is Wild Beasts, part of the Daniel Johnston set and Eddy Current Supression Ring. The Daniel J and Eddy Current sets are recorded through the DR-07 internal mics and while the instrumentation is clean the vocals are a little echoey.

I post them because I have them.

Wild Beasts - Live @ Laneway Brisbane - 29 Jan 2010

Daniel Johnston - Live @ Laneway Brisbane - 29 Jan 2010

Eddy Current Supression Ring - Live @ Laneway Brisbane - 29 Jan 2010

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chumly said...

So many artists and music makes my head spin faster than a CD.