Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Swamp And Surf

A packed Saturday night at the Zoo with local band Swamplords headlining a twang packed bill.

Keep on Dancin's started the night. Moody reverb drenched ballads.
Keep On Dancin's - Live @ The Zoo - 23 Jan 2010
Two thirds of the way through the excellent Running Guns set I checked my gear and ... nothing... new batteries dead. Change, get last two songs.
Running Guns [Two Songs Only] - Live @ The Zoo - 23 Jan 2010
Down the newsagent, new batteries, back for the Sulphur Lights who were a little too reverb drenched tonight for the sound system but still an enjoyable set.
Sulphur Lights - Live @ The Zoo - 23 Jan 2010
Finally Swamplords. I had seen only the Shit! Life! performance and was looking forward to this. That cemetery set was a lot more relaxed than this but I really enjoyed the performance. Looking forward to how they develop.
Swamplords - Live @ The Zoo - 23 Jan 2010

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Anonymous said...

hey man, this is brilliant. come to our album launch thursday 11th february at the cubbyhole and do the same again.

love running guns.