Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lovers Of Modern Art

released their new CD on Friday night and were supported by The Cheats [Melb] and The Horrortones [Bristroit]

The Cheats played to a small early audience and apart from the vocals on the cover of Ballroom Blitz did a fine job.
The Cheats - Live @ The Troubadour - 22 Jan 2010

The Vegas Kings were supposed to support but Angus the drummer had a touch football accident so The Horrortones stepped up to the plate and hit it hard in their stead. They claimed that they hadn't rehearsed at such short notice but they were recording on Saturaday so I imagine some work had been done. In any case thought they played just fine. Unfortunately they didn't and asked me not to post the recording. I look forward to the double 7' single with gatefold sleeve featuring a popup of the band.

Went for walk to Clubhouse and heard a couple of songs from Moon Jog
Moon Jog [Two Songs Only] - Live @ The Clubhouse - 22 Jan 2010

Lovers Of Modern Art played an enjoyable set of indie pop. Silas the keyboard/theramin player entertained the crowd throughout.
Lovers Of Modern Art - Live @ The Troubadour - 22 Jan 2010

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